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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 201

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 201

Pursuit of Humans

We live as humans.
The existence of “human-being” is very complicated,
and at the same time it is full of mystery.

We don’t deeply understand the existence of humans yet.
We can learn “humans” through ourselves.
Rather, learning “humans” is the most important in living.

Learning and pursuing humans —
That is a part of life and meditation.
Pursuit of truth is pursuit of humans as well.

You can learn infinite things from the existence of humans.
Possibilities and creativity of humans are infinite.
They are here, right at the moment, inside yourself
and depend on whether you can pursue yourself.

Humans have mind, intellect, feelings, sensitivity
and many other abilities and functions.
Each motion of them is happening every moment.
Your mind is moving every moment.

To understand humans is to be aware of your own acts.
Your mind, act, feeling or thought —
They are acts of “humans” and the figures of “humans”,
so by observing and sensing them, you begin to understand humans.

Learning never ends.
Possibilities and creativity of the existence of humans are bottomless.
You can start pursuing, discovering and learning them here right now, at this moment.


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