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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 190

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 190

What is True Meditation? — Part 7

Meditation is motion to open the door to the infinite dimension.
The infinite dimension is the unknown and mysterious field.
It is the fathomless dimension beyond intellect.

We try to capture things by intellect.
Scientists and philosophers study things by intellect,
formulate and conceptualize them.
However, mystery of “life”
can’t be formulated or conceptualized.
It can’t be put in the frame of knowledge and words.

Mystery is beyond words and knowledge.
No matter how much you exercise your intellect, you can’t “know” mystery.
Where there are conclusions and results, mystery is not found.
The knowable is not unknown any longer.
In other words, it is not infinite.

Intellect can’t open the door to the infinity of life.
Motion of human brain remains limited forever.
Because the brain is merely material.

When the brain is completely quiet, the door to the infinity of life opens up.
Only when the calculating intellectual pursuit is over
and the brain is empty and fresh, there is the infinity of life.

If the brain is totally empty without being tainted by intellect,
it becomes possible for the new mystery of life to appear.
It is not intellect but “heart” beyond materials that finds out mystery.


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