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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 187

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 187

The Words of J. Krishnamurti, a Revolutionist of Life — Part 30

“Whatever noise, thought or blowing wind of experience
has immovable silence in spirit.
It is such silence that is innocent, pure and therefore infinite.
When such silence comes to the spirit, actions start from that,
and the actions coming from that never bring out chaos or unhappiness.”

When there is the completely quiet spirit, no chaos is found.
Spiritual activities are nothing but self-defense.
Psychological struggles to protect self appear as chaos.

Spiritual noise happens along with various negative feelings
such as anxiety, fear, conflict, anger or sorrow.
The root of negative feeling is in the mind clinging to self.
It is human ego trying to obsess over self.

Spiritual noise is a struggle in mind to protect self,
and this self-defense activity is the cause of various chaos.
Where there is ego, chaos is always found.

Activities without chaos and with order
occur from the completely quiet spirit.
The perfect silence in mind means a selfless life.
In other words, it is a life without ego and with self-abandonment.

Where you live without ego, you have silence in spirit,
and this spirit is your inner beauty and purity.
Silent spirit never clings to negative feelings.
Only spirit which is fallen into self-obsession gets caught by negative feelings.

Free and immovable spirit without any chaos
is completely silent, coming from self-renunciation.


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