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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 185

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 185

The Words of Henry Thoreau, a Philosopher in the Woods — Part 24

“Entity is always pleasant and sublime.
However, as people close the eyes, sleep and are just quietly confused by appearances,
they have built conventional lives in a mold everywhere and fixed them.
Such lives are built based on pure illusion after all.”

Entity is constantly new.
It is new, therefore it is fresh
and full of surprise and delight.

Entity is the universe and life itself and the sacred creation.
Nothing is more sacred than the creation of the universe.
It is the sublime and great motion,
and an incessantly happening miracle.

The sacredness of the universe and the activities of the entity
are always happening around us.
However, most of us haven’t realized the great motion.

Most of our lives consist of custom and inertia,
and the lives have lost freshness and surprises.

Life in a mold is mechanical, monotonous and shallow,
and it has no fresh spirit which gives a sense of entity.
The spirit itself is repetitive and mechanical,
so it brings out repetition of tediousness and mediocre pleasure.

Why are our lives so mentally poor?
Why are they not spiritually rich?

To make a life fresh and always full of surprise and delight,
we must break down the fixed spirit in a mold thoroughly
and change ourselves fundamentally.


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