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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 179

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 179

The Words of J. Krishnamurti, a Revolutionist of Life — Part 26

“As long as you seek consolation, your life falls into delusion,
and when it is broken, you grieve that you have lost your consolation.
Therefore, in order to understand the grief and get over it,
you must look at it firmly,
instead of covering what is happening inside of you.”

Most of us can’t bear the vacancy of our own mind and life,
so we try to have some spiritual consolation.
The consolation fills our mind,
and by doing so, we can cover the vacancy.

However, no matter what kind of consolation it is, it never lasts forever.
Every consolation which the mind obsesses would vanish in the course of time.
You may live by clinging to it,
but when the supporting consolation is lost, you fall into despair and grief.

The support and the consolation
were inevitable for you,
so your own mind collapses when you have lost it.

Seeking consolation is escaping from the reality as it is.
It is an escape from loneliness of solitude and from empty vacancy.
Besides, it is an escape from the fearful reality of death.

Such an escape from the reality as it is leads to falling into delusion at the same time.
Because what is not real is just unreal delusion.
Spiritual consolation is only transient and temporary.

Like the reality of death is not consolation,
“reality” is not seeking consolation
or seeking some support in mind.
To live in the reality and live with it,
you must realize desires and escapes in mind and end it.

To get over grief in mind and face truly with freedom,
you need to face with the empty self as you are, understand your own mind
and learn the new state of mind from that understanding.


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