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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 168

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 168

Meditation is not achieving or accomplishing something.
It is not pursuing self-satisfying experiences, either.
Where there are such pursuit, envy or desire, there is no meditation,
and true meditation comes where none of them are found.
Pursuing experiences is just pursuit of self-satisfaction,
and it comes from desires in mind.
Meditation is not wanting experiences or trying to acquire them.
In the genre called spirituality or the field of religion,
there are spiritual or mysterious experiences.
Or some people seek such experiences to deepen the contacts with gods.
However, no matter what it is, pursuing experiences is not meditation.
Experiencing is satisfying self,
and the self-satisfaction is based on human desires.
Trying to repeat happy experiences is only pleasure,
and it is the same with the field called spirituality.
Meditation is not pleasure, amusement or consolation in mind.
It is truly sacred, solemn and serious,
but not pursuing self-satisfaction or experiences.
Only when every experience and desire in mind end
and the quiet empty spirit is found, true meditation comes.
Meditation is a solemn activity of spirit,
and it is a motion of life welling up from the depth of fathomless silence and tranquility.

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