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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 167

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 167

Meditation is a movement coming from free spirit without chaos.
Where there are fear, sorrow, anxiety or desire, there is no meditation.
As long as you are driven by such feelings, your spirit isn’t free.
True meditation happens when your spirit is completely quiet.
The basement of meditation is the quiet spirit.
Quiet spirit doesn’t have any chaos, struggles, vanity or desire,
and it is totally peaceful and free.
If your mind is not free, true meditation can’t come.
When your mind is trapped by fear, anxiety, conflict or sorrow,
it can’t pay attention quietly.
Meditation is paying attention to everything and realizing it,
but you can’t pay attention if your mind is not quiet. 

Meditation is a movement happening in sharp attentiveness,
and the attentiveness decides the quality of meditation.
Where there is no attention, there is noisiness in mind.
Paying attention and being quiet are the same mind,
and you can sharpen your attentiveness because of the quiet mind. 

To have true meditation,
first of all, we must solve our problems in mind.
Fear, anxiety, jealousy, sorrow, conflict, despair —
Understand all of them very well and end them.
True meditation blooms only by doing so.

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