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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 166

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 166

Meditation is each moment’s movement at the ‘present’.
It is not in the past.
The past is memories, and memories aren’t living at the present.
Meditation is ‘living’ and doesn’t have any shadows of the past.

Meditation is not repetition of the past,
or it is not repeating what you have experienced in the past.
When humans experience something happy, they want to repeat it again and again.
You may call it a divine or spiritual experience,
but no matter what experience it is, trying to repeat it is a desire,
and just repetition of pleasure.

Meditation is not repeating pleasure or self-contentment.
What you have experienced or memorized
is already dead and not living at the present.
The experience is old and not new.

Meditation is facing the new each moment.
Where there is any repetition of the past, there is no meditation,
rather, meditation is putting an end to the past,
and ending the past becomes the eternity of the new.
Sensing ‘living things at the present’ each moment and observing them is meditation.
Meditation is beyond the past and the future, and it is timeless.
Where there is time, there is no meditation.
Time has the past and the future, yesterday and tomorrow, and beginning and ending.
Things with the end are not ‘life’, and meditation doesn’t end.
Meditation transcends every time
and continues to face the ‘present’ which always remains new.

+Bongaren & DivineSoul Inc. represent Kiyotaka.Aiuchi & Kaco.Aiuchi
*[Shirdi SaiBaba Tokyo Center, Japan]
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> http://www.facebook.com/divinesoul.eu

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