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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 154

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 154

Groupism is actually very frightening.
The spirit in groups assimilates into people around it like a robot,
and it has no creativity or independence.

Why do we try to be in groups?
Why do we feel anxious outside of groups?
Or are we afraid of being alone?

Being ejected from the society, excluded from the group,
isolated from people around us, ignored by everybody
and left alone.
Aren’t we afraid of falling into such conditions?

There is obviously the immature spirit.
The immature spirit is afraid of solitude and depends on groups.
Such spirit is extremely afraid of being alone.
It maintains itself and assimilates into others by staying in groups,
but the groupism has only mediocrity.

Only a loner (outsider) discovers life afresh and creates it.
It is famous that only spiritually solitary people were wise and sacred since ancient times.
Buddha and Jesus walked alone and discovered life by themselves.
That is the true religiousness.

Buddha once said,
“Walk alone like a rhinoceros.”

This means to be independent spiritually without depending on anything.
Independence of spirit means to get out of groupism.
Only the solitary spirit discovers new life afresh.
Groupism has only imitation and conformity, and it has no creativity.

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