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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 146

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 146

“What makes your attire precious
is only your serious eyes from the attire
and the sincere life led in them.”

Your appearance is the expression of the inside of your mind as it is.
Those who wear only sloppy clothes have a sloppy mind.
Those who cling to flashy clothes are trapped by ego.

Your outer appearances, attitudes or manners
reflect the state of your inner mind as it is.
Those who are sloppy in mind are sloppy in behavior,
and those who are lazy in mind lead only a lazy life.

Your appearances and every action reflect your inner mind.
Those who consider life to be solemn and live with a solemn mind
have appearances of that state of mind.

If you feel somebody has sacred atmosphere and beauty,
it is because the mind of the person is sacred.

The mind determines the state of life.
Those who face life seriously everyday
have the seriousness in their every action,
and their preciousness comes out of that.

Some people have serious eyes and no shadow of falsity or deception.
Some people have decadence or sloppiness.
Some people are full of purity, beauty and sacredness.

Everything depends on what kind of mind you have.
If you face your life with really a serious mind
and try truly to live with a sacred mind,
it would appear on your way of living and life as it is.

Only those who have a sacred mind can make their life sacred.

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