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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 144

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 144

Where there are compliance and imitation, there is only mediocrity.
In general, we belong to a certain social structure and its behavior patterns.
We live in the fixed life and social patterns
without doubting it and getting out of it,
as if we had no other ways of living than that.

Why do all of us lead a similar way of living?
Why do we remain belonging to a certain fixed society?
To act and live as others do
is a life only fallen into the rut of social structure and behavior patterns.

There are televisions, so many people watch it in droves.
Something is popular, so they cling to it in droves.
Everyone imitates and lives in the same behavior patterns.
Is it really life? Are there freedom and creativity of life?

Falling into a rut of a certain social structure or behavior patterns
is putting your own life to sleep and living a life without any creativeness
and enslaving yourself.
It is because where there are compliance and imitation, there is enslavement of spirit.

Such a life has no discovery or new creation.
Complying a specific social structure or pattern and acculturating it
are mechanizing your life.
Spirit living such a life is rigid, dead and not living.

To be truly awaken and live freely and creatively,
you must deny all social patterns, compliance to social morals and imitation of them.
Only by completely breaking down spiritual and physical compliance and imitation,
life acquires entirely new meanings, and life of another dimension comes out from it.

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