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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 138

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 138

“Haughty people try to be virtuous and honorable by depending on their own power.
Humility is to know that there is no source of energy to heighten self
in ‘me = self’.”

Some people try to be honorable by their efforts,
but if they think they can achieve it by their power, they are haughty.
No matter how high goal it is, if it is the desire for self-achievement,
it has only human ego.

We believe “we have power”.
And we try to accomplish or achieve something spiritual by that power.
We hold on to our power and constantly make an effort by it,
but such a self-conceited effort is always human ego.

We have power to know God in us,
we can achieve high spiritual dimension as a human,
we have power to be virtuous and rich in spirit.
To believe we can achieve something like that
is complacent self-centered thought.

Haughty people cling to their power,
and they believe they can reach height by that power.
Those who live only with such a way of thinking would ruin in the course of time.
Where there are ego and self-obsession, it inevitably leads to destruction.

On the contrary, humility is lowering self incessantly,
and it is to live selflessly without ego,
not holding on to ‘our power’, but rather with the abandonment of wrong assumption.
What blooms there is human beauty and good.

Those who hold on to self and cling to their power
would never see truth of life.
Basement of truly religious life is to be humble from the heart.

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