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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 136

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BuzzURL - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 136
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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 136

“The future to fill emptiness. The past plays also the same role.
The past and the future offer limitless space
to indulge in a sense of exaltation by using imagination.
Therefore, renouncing the past and the future
must be done first of all among anything that should be renounced.”

We try to fill our emptiness with imagination.
And it is filled always either in the past or in the future.
We can’t bear emptiness in mind, so we try to fill it with the past and the future.

We can escape from reality by clinging to memories which happened once.
In the same way, we can indulge ourselves in satisfaction by imagining what we will be in the future.
We try to fill our mind by holding on to memories from the past which are already over,
and by projecting what we will be in the future that is not real.

Whether it is the past or the future, we can escape from ‘reality’ by using our imagination.
However, the spirit escaping from ‘reality’ is too immature.
We can’t bear escaping from reality or our own emptiness in the reality,
we depend on our past memories and commit ourselves to imagination of what we will be in the future that is merely false.

It is easy to hold on to our past happy memories.
Besides, it is also easy to make up reality by imagination
and to indulge in delusional senses of exaltation by that.
However, memories from the past are already dead,
and images made up by imagination are merely false.

We must live in the ‘reality’.
‘Reality’ is neither the past nor the future, but it is to live in the reality of ‘now’.
Reality as it is and true reality without falsity are not in the past or in the future.
There is no truth in the past and the future or in the memories and images.

Truth and reality are ‘living in the present’,
and it is beyond the past and the future.

+Bongaren & DivineSoul Inc. represent Kiyotaka.Aiuchi & Kaco.Aiuchi
*[Shirdi SaiBaba Tokyo Center, Japan]
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*[DivineSoul Inc. Spiritual Energie Work's]
> http://www.divinesoul.eu/
> http://www.facebook.com/divinesoul.eu

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