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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 132

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 132

It is very important to change yourself.
If you don’t change, you would lead totally monotonous days.
If the mind remains old and doesn’t change at all, there is no new discovery.
If there is no discovery, the life is repetitive and automatic.

If you don’t change, your living or life doesn’t change.
If you suffer, the suffering continues as long as your mind doesn’t change.
If you stagnate in the same place, the spirit also stagnates.

Human revolution starts from ending old self.
Old self if fixed and stagnant spirit,
and such spirit repeats the same things and can’t discover anything new.
If there isn’t new discovery, there is no creativeness of life.
Spirit without creativeness is almost dead.

Creativeness is to constantly discover new things,
and to constantly keep on changing your own life.
There is neither past old self nor old spirituality.
Rather, there are breaking out of old self and spirit and creating new life.

Life without discovery or creation is totally mechanical life.
It is monotonous life which merely repeats the same things again and again.
Custom, culture, pleasure, amusement, self-contentment, habit, conflict in mind, agony —
Stagnant spirit just stays patiently within the same frame.
Such spirit isn’t living.

Living spirit is spirit to constantly stand on the horizon of new life,
to end old self and to bring out discovery and creation everyday.
Only such spirit creates self afresh and revolutionizes humanity.

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