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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 119

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 119

“The past makes up ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ in the present.
As long as mind moves around in the past, ‘me’ is there.
The mind is sure to be this past, and the mind is this ‘me’.”

The past makes up the sense of ‘me’.
Experiences, satisfaction, pleasure, honor, happiness of the past —
All of these make up the sense of ‘me’ and strengthen it.
Me, self, ego — the roots of these senses are in the memories of the past.

If there is no memory of the past, there would be no ‘me’,
because what maintains ‘me’ is the memory of the past.
What I used to be, what I was —
The memorized past is ‘me’.

As long as there is a center of ‘me’, there are chaos and disorder,
because ‘me’ is self-obsession,
and the self-obsession always brings down fear, anxiety and conflict.

We are afraid of losing ‘self’.
Trying to protect ‘self’ ‘me’ is the struggle of mind,
and the struggle of mind is sure to be agony.
Nevertheless, the mind constantly clings to ‘self’ and tries to stick to it.

To have freedom of mind, separation from ‘me’ is necessary.
In other words, we must end self-obsession and live without ego.
Self-obsession is the source of sufferings and chaos of our mind.
As long as we cling to it, we can never be free.

Renouncing ‘me’ is living with the abandonment of the past.
If we are released from the bondage of the past, we live only in the ‘present’.
Only those who live in the ‘present’ are truly free.

+Bongaren & DivineSoul Inc. represent Kiyotaka.Aiuchi & Kaco.Aiuchi
*[Shirdi SaiBaba Tokyo Center, Japan]
> http://shirdisaibaba.jp/
> http://www.facebook.com/shirdisaibaba.jp
*[DivineSoul Inc. Spiritual Energie Work's]
> http://www.divinesoul.eu/
> http://www.facebook.com/divinesoul.eu

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