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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 115

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 115

Complete nothingness of mind is the free mind that doesn’t cling to anything.
Only the mind that clings to something and is obsessed with something is tied.

To be nothing is to possess nothing in mind and to ask for nothing.
It is the mind that doesn’t hold anything, ask for achievement and wish nothing.

Such mind doesn’t cling to the past, but rather lives in the abandonment of the past.
It doesn’t cling to the future, “I want to be like this” or “I want to become this”.
Nothingness is the mind beyond the past or the future.

Human mind is always occupied with something.
You are afraid of being empty in mind and of being nothing,
so you constantly try to fill your mind with some matters.

However, the satisfaction of mind is temporary.
It is filled, and when it becomes empty, the mind moves around to be filled.
You are afraid of losing experiences and satisfaction that fill your mind,
and the mind is always afraid and just goes round and round.

If you cling to something that fill your mind,
the fear to lose it and the desire to pursue it arise.
Desire, fear, desire, fear, thus it repeats,
and this is exactly the jail of agony.

Cut off this chain.
It is to live with the empty mind and to live with nothing.
It is to be aware what the mind clings to, and to end the clinging and set your mind free.

Freedom of mind is only in the complete nothingness.
The mind is unshakable and doesn’t cling to the past or the future.
It is the mind which doesn’t have anything, therefore it is the mind which doesn’t lose anything.
The mind lives a life of ‘nothingness’, and it is the true freedom of mind.

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*[Shirdi SaiBaba Tokyo Center, Japan]
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