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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 110

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 110

“ You must depart completely from your ’self’, blend in God’s ‘self’
and make your ‘self’ be completely one ‘self’
within God’s ‘self’.
Thus you would eternally recognize with God
the state of God’s never emerging being and God’s nameless nothingness.”

What Eckhart means is
that you must depart from the small individual of self
and blend in the universe itself as the integral.

‘Life’ is the ‘integral’.
In other words, the whole universe is one life,
and all individual things exist there.

The existence of us all doesn’t live separately.
Though the appearances are different, we are created equally by the same wisdom of the universe
and we are the existence maintained equally by the same wisdom of the universe.

Are there really things that are ‘mine’ or ‘my existence’ in this world?
Everything is maintained by the wisdom of the universe.

We were not born to this world by our own power.
We don’t maintain our existence by our own power, either.
We can’t make our hearts pulse by our won power.

Everything is maintained by the wisdom of life of the entire universe.
The wisdom, the fathomless power is God itself,
and God is the wisdom of the entire universe itself.

Nothing exists without this wisdom.
In the sense that everything is maintained by this wisdom,
‘life’ is not any separated individual, but the one ‘intagral’.

To blend in this integrity of life, the one universe,
means to be aware of the wisdom of God and to vanish away into its power.
When your individual (self) becomes ‘nothing’, there is only God’s ‘being‘.

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