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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 74

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 74


People cling to the past events.

It can be said to be psychological fortune.

Experiences from the past events become your fortune of mind.


They are experiences that give you contentment and delight,

therefore your mind try to cling to the past experiences and the past memories.

Experiences once memorized thus become your psychological possessions,

and the possessions confine your mind.


If you are obsessed with the past events, you would never be free.

The past may be delightful for you,

but such fixed past becomes the source of fear and conflict.


You are afraid of losing the past.

The fear comes from your hope that the past remains the past.

The past is your fortune of mind, and absolutely yourself.


Spirit captivated by the past experiences and their possessions,

cringes constantly at the fear of losing those delightful experiences.

Besides, trying to maintain the experiences brings out conflicts, too.


In addition, by centering on this psychological fortune,

such feelings as anger, hatred, irritation, sorrow, self-destruction come out.

And as long as there is ego, every mentally negative feeling comes out.


Then, can you give up your psychological possessions, the fortune of mind, and live?

Unless you completely give them up and throw them away, your mind would never be free.

Free mind is mind that doesn’t possess or have anything,

and it transcends the past, fear of the future and live at the present moment.


When you don’t cling to the past or the future and live only at present, there is freedom.


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