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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 43

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 43

Flame of Denial

As well as the spirit of skepticism, the spirit of denial leads to purifying human mind.
Can you flatly deny deception and falseness,
or false spiritual things with no basis overflowing around you?
The spirit of denial, the spirit not to accept anything easily, cultivates the freedom of human mind.

There are religious leaders and thinkers who talk much about the truth of the universe,
but it is too immature to accept easily what they say.
The popular religious leaders talk about God, truth or mystery,
rebirth in the next life, reincarnation, high dimension —

Can you deny all of them?
Because things such as rebirth, reincarnation or high dimension has no basis
nor reality at all. It is the same with what they say about God.
Why do we believe such things so easily?

We must live in ‘reality’ and the ‘fact’.
Otherwise we would fall into living in the world of illusion and delusion.
This is indeed very terrifying.

Deny everything unreal.
Deny everything untrue.
This means having the sound and clear spirit.
It is because the unsound spirit is trapped by illusion, delusion or unreality that doesn’t even exist.

The sound and clear spirit, the wise spirit
doesn’t be trapped by childish delusion nor illusion.
Only the immature spirit is trapped by unreal things that don’t exist,
by all delusional nonsense such as next life, high dimension, or reincarnation —

The actual reality doesn’t exist in the next life.
The actual reality doesn’t exist in the words that someone else told about God or truth.
The true reality exists where we live in ‘reality itself’.
If we don’t live in reality, you just live asleep in your dream.

To live in reality, we must completely deny everything ‘unreal’.

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