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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 42

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 42

Flame of Skepticism

Having a skepticism is very important.
If we can’t have a skepticism,
we believe everything too easily.
Nothing is more frightening than this.

It is dangerous to take the wrong thing on blind faith, accept it and be deluded.
This is especially true in the field of spiritual.
Many religious leaders say “This is the truth of the universe”,
and a heap of books about spiritual are sold.

However, whether they are really true or not must be
judged with a steady skepticism.
If we don’t doubt, we would just follow words or books of those religious leaders.
Why do we believe and follow so easily?

Skepticism helps to purify our own mind.
Whether we have fallen into delusion or not, whether we believe the wrong teaching,
we should turn the skepticism to ourselves.
In doing so, our deception, falseness or delusion in our mind is revealed.

Flame of skepticism sharpens human mind,
and cultivates carefulness that doesn’t believe someone else’s words so easily.
By always being skeptical, we can gain an insight into our own deception or falseness
and a mind not to be deluded by wide-spreading false spiritual things.

Can you have a flame of skepticism?
It is not falling into the state of unhealthy unfaith.
Rather, on the contrary, it is an action to realize your own delusion or falseness,
and also to purify your own heart.

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