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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 30

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 30

Miracle of This Moment

Have you ever paid attention to “this moment”?
Not to tomorrow nor to yesterday, but to “this moment”.

Life is happening at every moment.
This moment has the movement of life, and anything outside this moment is not a life.
Anything outside this moment is projection of either memories of the past or the future.

This moment is the creation and the explosion of life.
The universe is the movement of each moment,
and each moment has all of the universe.
If your mind is cautious, you can feel “this moment”.

Most people are careless, so they are not sharp at “this moment”.
It is very important to have sharp spirit toward “this moment”.
Because only “this moment” is a life,
and other things except for it are the past or the future.
Movements of life don’t exist in the past nor in the future.

Be sharp at this moment, keep your sensitivity open.
Dull and sluggish spirit just lets miracles of this moment pass by.
Sluggish spirit only repeats daily custom and habit,
and has no heightened sensitivity toward miracles of the universe.

Heightened spirit is the spirit paying attention to everything of each moment.
In order to pay attention to each moment, spirit must always be awake.
Only such sharp spirit can capture miracles of this moment.

+Bongaren & DivineSoul Inc. represent Kiyotaka.Aiuchi & Kaco.Aiuchi
*[Shirdi SaiBaba Tokyo Center, Japan]
> http://shirdisaibaba.jp/
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*[DivineSoul Inc. Spiritual Energie Work's]
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> http://www.facebook.com/divinesoul.eu

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