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Shirdi SaiBaba Murti, Tokyo Center

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Tweets - Shirdi SaiBaba Murti, Tokyo Center

Shirdi SaiBaba Murti, Tokyo Center

#Sai Baba Center Built In Tokyo, Japan

Recently a Shirdi Sai Baba Center has
been built in Tokyo, Japan. The name
of the temple is ‘Bongaren. ‘The
meaning is ‘Brahman=Atman
mastering Lotus.’
There is an Idol of big ‘Shirdi SaiBaba’.
‘Shirdi Saibaba is sitting on the rock.
The statue is a 2.3-meter giant. It is the
greatest size in Japan. There is an Idol
of big ‘Shivalingam’.
‘Shivalingam’ is 100 cm or more.
‘Shivalingam’ is built with the gorgeous
design. The Statue of Shirdi Sai Baba
is made from the Japanese white stone
which is most valuable.
There is also an Idol of big
‘Kalachakra’. The ceiling is very
beautiful, ‘Mandala or yantra’ is drawn. The saint of a three
major religion is enshrined equally.
Kiyotaka Aiuchi and Kaco Aiuchi visited Shirdi many times.
They love ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ and the Center of Shirdi village.
The glimpses of the temple are available at:
Kiyotaka Aiuchi, Kaco Aiuchi,Tokyo, Japan.

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