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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 21

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 21

The Words of Meister Eckhart, a German Mystic — Part 4


God has no name.

Nobody can talk about God nor know about God.

Because God is the entity beyond words and comprehension.

Things you talk verbosely about God are all lies. “


Various religions and many thinkers and religious people

have talked about God in diverse ways.

Books about God are also overflowing in this world.

The popular book in the spiritual market “Conversations with God” is a good example.


However, can we really trust what many thinkers and religious people have ever said

or have written?

We believe and accept it so easily

as if what is written there is the right truth of the universe.


Why do we easily believe what others say?

Is what others say about God really the right truth?

Some books are written as if the writer knows God,

but does he really “know God”?


We believe too easily,

and assume that the truth of the universe told by others is right,

so we are in such religious people’s and writers’ power in a sense.


Why do we follow others’ words? Why do we accept them easily?

Why do we believe so easily the God that is told by others?


What is important is not to be a slave of others’ words,

but to stand on your own feet and to have mind to find the real truth of the universe by yourself.

Stand on your own feet and start your journey of discovery.


This world is overflowing too much with fake spiritual books.

If you can stand on your own feet

and be totally independent spiritually,

you don’t need to read books about God and the universe told and written by others.

It’s because you start your journey of infinite meditation by yourself then.


Can you intervene in the unknown mystery of the universe by yourself,

avoiding what others say about God?

Such solitary journey is true meditation.


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