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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 19

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 19


Sentiment of grown-ups emanates from our mental immaturity.
When we feel disappointed, collapse or don’t succeed in our relationships,
we become desperate and wallow in misery.
Some people are so desperate that they can’t recover or remain depressed for all time.

Why does this happen?
It is eventually because they couldn’t attain self-contentment nor self-fulfillment,
and thus they sink into self-pity.
This means it is just ego, self-absorption.

People cling to things which give them satisfaction or pleasure,
not physically but mentally.
They cling to it and depend on it,
so they fall into sentiment when it is lost.

Obsession also emanates from immature spirit,
and the sentiment which emanates from it is also immature.
Both obsession and sentiment emanate from self-centered ego — personal greed,
and as long as people have ego, they can never be free.

Free mind is selfless spirit without any ego.
Without obsession, no sentiment emanates.
Such people seek for neither self-contentment nor self-fulfillment, and don’t hold it,
so they have no fear to lose.

Can you give up everything about yourself?
Maturity means finalizing ego.

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