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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 16

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 16

Science and Mystery
Some people think the enigma and mystery of the universe are clarified by science.
Is it really true?
Science consists of knowledge and words.
Without knowledge and words there is no science.

The fathomless mystery of the universe can’t be captured by knowledge or words.
Science may unravel mechanisms of various events in this world,
and advances in science technology may develop a space station.
However, science will never be able to touch the mystery.
Science is something in the physical world — in three dimensions.
Therefore it can’t elucidate things beyond three dimensions, four dimensions or five dimensions.
Science itself is limited,
and it can’t reach the field beyond three dimensions.

Does scientific knowledge really make people happy?
Can spirit filled with knowledge look at things with entirely new eyes?
Can spirit tied to knowledge seek fields beyond knowledge?

No matter how much scientific knowledge or terminology are crammed into the head,
it would just devastate people’s innocent mind and kill their sensitivity to the unknown.
Infants and children with less knowledge have more curiosity about nature than grown-ups.
However, grown-ups full of knowledge have lost childlike innocent mind,
so they can’t see things as something totally new with astonishment.

Science doesn’t enrich human mind.
Only childlike innocent spirit can touch the true mystery.

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