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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 1

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 1

When you ask your people where, who and when you are after you are born to this world, you will receive various answers from them.

You may hear different opinions from them, for example, “You are on the earth, in Japan or in the universe”, “You are Tom, Mary or so-and-so.”, “It is some 1,900 year 2,000 year or 3,000 year.”.

However, they are nothing but given meanings, meanings given by us human beings.

If we examine where we are born, we will come to see we are in the tremendous unknown, which is eternally immeasurable and who and where we will never ever know we are.

In addition, we will come to see we are in an inexpressible space which we can never tell this or that world in reality.

We tend to understand, think or speak “Someone is bom.” or “Someone is dead.” However, we never refer to “when and where” we are born or dead.

If being asked where we are born to or dead from, again all we can say will be this world, or the earth or Japan, or some 1,900 year, or some 2,000 year or some 3,000 year.

In reality, however, we are in the unknown space, which we cannot tell when and where.

We may be in a tremendously unknown space which we cannot know if it is this world, or in a dream-like place.

If to be born or to be dead is something like a dream, if that is a scientific truth, we will finally come to be liberated from an illusion of death.

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