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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 245

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 245

The Wisdom of Native Americans — Part 5

“We live freely.
The only law we should follow is the law of nature, the law of God.
We follow only those laws.”

There are the order and providence of the universe.
They are irrelevant to laws made up by humans.

The universe moves in the order of the universe itself.
This order of the universe can be said to be the law of nature and that of God.

We can’t make it rain by our own power.
The sun rises every day, stars twinkles at night
and all matters are caused by the great order of the universe.

Live with the order of the universe and the law of nature —
these are the natural way of living of humans.
And only this has truth and essence of “life”.

Modern society is almost uninterested in this order of nature.
Fundamentally, we don’t have “our own power”,
because any life can’t exist without the power of the universe and its support.
However, modern people believe that they could control their living by their own power
and manipulate “life” as they like it.

Be aware that we are kept alive
and that the great power of the universe maintains every bit of us. —

By living with the universe and being one with its order,
we can go through life without chaos or disorder, within genuine truth as a human.


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What we need today is the way of living in attunement with the providence of nature.


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