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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 244

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 244

The Wisdom of Native Americans — Part 4

“Haste to reach there is not necessary.
“There” is nowhere.
What really lies is only “here”. Stay in the time of now.
Love experiences. Pay attention to wonders of each moment.”

We try to pursue our ideals and achievement.
Self-achievement, desires to be the more different self —
Then we struggle to reach “there” with purposes.

However, what is set up in the future
is separated from the reality of “now”.
Reality lies “here now”.

Future is merely something imagined in the head.
We have “life” only when we live steadily in the “reality”.
The bare reality is “life”,
but if we form “what we should be” for the future,
the solemnity and preciousness of the bare reality are lost.

“Life” is everything here now.
Motions of life and activities of the universe are found each moment of “now”.
Feeling the life of each moment is reality.

“Life” doesn’t consist in the future.
“There” to be aimed is nowhere.
There is only real life of “here” and “now”.


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