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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 222

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 222

The Words of Simone Weil, The Witness of Truth and Light — Part 23

“Everywhere not shrouded by imagination,
God is palpably on the scene.”

It is imagination that shrouds reality (substantiality) of life,
because imagination is fictional and not real.
Unreality has no truth.
Without truth, neither life nor God is found.

We can imagine God in the head,
but God created by imagination is merely fake.
Humans imagine not only God but also next life, reincarnation
or some fantastic unknown world,
but every imagination and fantasy are just unreal.

However, most of us are tied to the delusion like this.
Besides, we are unaware that it is false.
Such imagination is dangerous and leads us to the wrong way.

True reality is not related to imagination,
because it lies ahead, irrelevant to imagination.
Life and the universe are in front of us.
That is bare “fact” and “reality”.
We simply don’t have the “mind” to feel the reality.

Look at actually “existing things” at hand, instead of at imagined things.
The “existing things” are life, the universe, being and God.
They are rather nameless entity and sacredness.

If we could purely see “existence” in front of us
without using any filter of imagination,
we would find out what the reality of life is.


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