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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 218

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 218

The Words of Simone Weil, The Witness of Truth and Light — Part 19

“Attempt to love without interposing imagination.
Love the appearance as it is, without adding any interpretation.
Then, what you love is exactly God.”

Do we see “existence as it is”?
Do we see just straight at “existence itself”
without interposing our image or value judgment?

Life is pure “existence itself”.
What merely lies and exists there is life.
However, if we meddle in the existence with our value judgment and interpretation,
the purity of existence would be lost.

Value of all life is equal.
Equality is truth of life.
Existence of life doesn’t have any high or low value.
It is our selfish judgment to create a standard of values,
and by doing so, equality of life breaks.

Can we look at existence itself just purely and directly
not through any value judgment or murky filters?
If we can, we could see the figure of life just the way it is.
The “existence” is a miracle of life and divinity.

Preciousness is life itself which exists naturally.
It is beauty and existence of God.


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