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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 217

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 217

The Words of Simone Weil, The Witness of Truth and Light — Part 18

“In spiritual progress, the purpose of modesty is
to abandon just an imaginary part.”

Those who have no modesty and act compulsively
can be said to get captured by imaginary falsity easily.
Those who live compulsively
haven’t realized that they fell into fantasy and falsity.
Modesty is to have selfless mind with the abandonment of desires.
If the mind lacks, people tread wrong path.

Spiritual progress is not accomplishing or achieving something.
Besides, it is not seeking God or mysterious experience.
Without free, selfless and quiet mind, no spiritual progress is done.
Mind which keeps on being captured by desires is ignorant.

The more one is tied to desires,
The more delusions and falsity they tend to follow.
It has false spiritual progress.
Imaginary things contain no truth.

Modesty in mind is truly religious matter.
The quality of mind is real religious quality.
Modesty is beauty, quietness and richness of mind.
Such mind is never captured by any imaginary falsity.
Only modest and matured mind truly sees the reality and lives truth.


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