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Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 214

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Tweets - Conversations with Shirdi SaiBaba 214

Break with the Past

We possess the past.
It can be said that the past is our spiritual possessions
and it support our mind.

Losing our past is losing self.
The past is experience and memory giving us pleasure or satisfaction.
We cling to the experience and the memory.
Because they form “self”.

However, when we cling to the past,
we fear to lose self at the same time.
The past is everything for us,
therefore losing the past is the same as losing us.
Eventually, obsession over the past is obsession over the self.

Then, can we live with the abandonment of all the past?
Otherwise, we would never be free from fear.
And when we lose the past, we would despair and grieve.

To be truly free is not to obsess over the past.
Besides, it is not to obsess over self.
Man who has completely abandoned the past would not fear any longer.
Because he has nothing to lose anymore.
He has broken away from every spiritual possession which supports him.

Thus, the man who has abandoned all the past, doesn’t accumulate anything
and holds the constantly empty mind is truly free.
He is not tied to the past, but just lives in the moment of “now”.

If our mind can live only “now”,
we would never fall into anxiety or fear, but always live in freedom and peace.
From that freedom, the entirely new dimension of life opens up.


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